GPUSBC Open Championship Tournament

The Open Championship Tournament is bowled in two different centers, each having their own prize fund. We have found it better suited for our association to hold this tournament in centers on both sides of the association;  one on the east side and one on the west side. Members are allowed to participate in both tournaments and receive cash awards from both tournaments. In the 2017-2018 tournament we are opening entries to out of association bowlers provided they carry a current USBC Membership card. This means if you want to put a team together with a bowler from Salem, Seattle, or cities far away, you are welcome to do so.
The 2017-2018 Open Championship Tournaments will be held at Milwaukie Bowl on February 10th and 11th and Tigard Bowl on February 17th and 18th. We have added $1,000 dollars to each prize fund.

2017-2018 Open Championship entry form.

Milwaukie Bowl Final Standings (Official)

Tigard Bowl Final Standings (Official)