GPUSBC offers a wide range of local awards.  We encourage everyone to become familiar with the awards program.


GPUSBC local awards.  

Adult Awards form

Youth Awards Form

USBC Adult Lifetime Awards 300 Game and 800 Series awards.

USBC Youth High Score Application

Nomination Forms and Applications

Each of the following forms have due dates attached to them.  We recommend you complete the applications well in advance of the due dates in order to ensure ample time to correct errors or supply additional information when required.  We will do our best to notify the membership when due dates are announced.




We have immidiate openings for enthusiastic, energetic, lovers of bowling to join our board to build the sport of bowling.  


Board Member Application

Incumbent Board Member Application


National and State Delegates

Every year GPUSBC  sends delegates to the National USBC Convention as well as the Oregon State Jamboree.

All members of GPUSBC are eligible to attend these meetings but only members elected as delegates will be allowed

to vote.  Members wishing to be a delegate should complete the application and submit it to the office No Later Than: 1 April, 2020.

Delegates will be elected at the Annual Membership Meeting.


Delegate Application



Youth Scholarship

Every year GPUSBC will award one individual with a $1,500 scholarship.  The recipient will be honored at the 

Annual Awards Banquet.  Application must be postmarked No Later Than: March 15, 2020

Scholarship Application

Hall of Fame

We encourage all of our members to submit individuals whom they feel deserve this great honor.  The process 

is currently under review and process improvements will ensure deserving members receive this honor. 

Please take great care to complete the application and provide as much supporting  documentation as possible. 

We cannot stress this important program enough.  Superior Performance is self explanatory, however, Meritorious

Service is for those individuals who have gone above and beyond to further  the sport of bowling and the

GPUSBC association.  If you have any questions or require assistance please feel free to contact the GPUSBC office.

Recipients will be honored at the Annual Awards Banquet.

Submissions must be received by the GPUSBC office no later than: 1 January, 2020


Hall of Fame Superior Performance Application

Hall of Fame Meritorious Service Application